Where it all Began

About Clara's Cookies

Clara Elizabeth Murphy Johnson was born on August 31, 1894. She always enjoyed cooking and baking for her family and friends but it was her icebox cookies, in particular, that became a household favorite. In 1987, her granddaughter Kay uncovered the treasured family recipe and baked her first batch of the cookies to give to friends on Christmas. In the following years, those who tried the cookies requested tins to give as their own gifts for holidays and specials occasions. Twenty-seven years after making her first batch, Kay made the decision to go full-time and share the cookies her friends and family loved with everyone.

On August 31, 2014, Clara’s 120th birthday, Clara’s Cookies fired up the oven and officially opened its doors. As a Georgia Cottage Food business, Kay is able to make each batch of Clara’s Cookies by hand as her grandmother did nearly a century ago.

Our Cookies


Clara’s original recipe is a delicate butter cookie laced with pecans. Thin and bite-sized, they’re a perfect treat.

Lemon & Coconut

A combination of toasted coconut with fresh lemon zest, all with the same crisp and light texture of our original recipe.

Salted Chocolate

Our newest flavor offers rich chocolate with walnuts and a touch of sea salt for a unique spin on a classic.

Package Options & Pricing

Order Information

Clara’s Cookies are currently only available via custom order. As a Cottage Food business, sales are limited to the state of Georgia. While we are working on a solution to ensure safe shipping of our cookies, orders are currently only available for local pickup or delivery.

We are happy to accommodate orders of any size.
Custom packaging is available by request.

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cello bag with twist-tie closure
contains 4oz of cookies (approx. 3 dozen)



resealable kraft paper bag
contains 8oz of cookies (approx. 7 dozen)


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